President's welcome to our April Spring swimmers

Posted by anna nosek on Apr 21 2021 at 03:47PM PDT

Hello Everyone, we are so excited to be swimming this April 7 – 28 on Mondays & Wednesdays:

6:15-6:30pm Dryland training – Swimmers please wear runners and have sweats over your swim suit
6:30-7:30pm Water Workout
We will have a Personal Equipment Bag for each Swimmer again. Please bring your $75 deposit, per swimmer – cheque or credit card slip.

Please assist your Swimmer to line up physically distanced along the fence for Screening by Anna.
**The less “ques” and places to try to line up the better! : )

Request to our parents and guardians:

Specifically for our first practice this Wednesday, April 7, please plan to line up with masks on, with your Swimmers, to help set the habits and expectations in our Return to Sport plan to help support our Community Volunteers, who are assisting us with attendance and organization.

We are a non-profit club, run by volunteers, whose goals are to give your swimmers the best possible sporting experience!
We appreciate your help to meet this goal and have success as we strive to meet the current health protocols set in place by the Province.

The following order was sent to us, as one of the User Groups with the Township of Langley

Mandated by the Public Health Order:
· Physical distancing of three (3) meters must be maintained at all times with zero physical contact
· Team travel to, from, and between communities for training and practice is prohibited.
· Any patrons attending an event (e.g. parents picking up athletes) must disperse immediately. No gathering is permitted whatsoever and physical distancing must be maintained at all times.
· It is the responsibility of each sport organization to ensure their respective Return to Sport (RTS) plan is compliant with both the public health order and Township facility rules.
· No spectators unless the presence of a spectator is necessary in order to provide care to a child or youth (For example, providing first aid).

Rachelle Harron
ASM President
April 5.